W H O    I S    Y A Z M Í N     H U E R T A ?
A long time ago in a galaxy far far away a little girl was born, she chose to travel through time and space to planet Earth in 1984. Now she is a creator of timeless impressions, fantastic worlds guided by music, love, and the wise randomness, she likes to mix every kind of image to create new ways to read visual expressions. Loves harmony and chaos at the same time, she is an eternal seeker of new ways to do everything. Obsessed with color, textures, patterns, nature, human body. Her work is always a big joke.


Yazmín Huerta is a multimedia Art Director, Visual Artist and multitasking Maverick of Design. She holds her BA in Design and Visual Communication from the University of Art and Design at the National University of Mexico, specializing Publishing and Editorial Design. After graduating Yazmin began working as a Graphic Editor at Picnic, a prestigious mexican magazine, where she won a! Diseño award for her innovative work in editorial storytelling. At the same time, she became an assistant teacher for the Dean of Publishing Design at her alma mater. Over the course of five years, Yazmin taught a wide range of course in experimental publishing design including typography, magazines, and new media. Her objective as an instructor was to teach students how to put theory into practice to become revolutionary designers of information. Yazmin was a living example for her students; in tandem with her teaching she worked as illustrator for a wide range of magazines including El Fanzine, Life & Style, S1NGULAR, Dálmata, Reforma Newspaper, Tercera Vía Portal, and Laboratorio Arte Alameda. After six years of publishing and illustration work, Yazmin decide to change her path and migrate to multimedia design. She began working as a Broadcast Designer and self-taught motion graphic designer in public television at Mexico City based Canal Once. After only six months working at Canal Once, Yazmin won the Gold Promax BDA Latin America Award for overall print campaign. Two years later, Yazmin became the Art Director of Central Once, programming focused on inspiring, cultivating and spotlighting creative young talent in Mexico.

After almost four years as Art Director of Central Once Yazmin began her career as collage artist. Over time, Yazmin has expanded as a Visual Arts into international markets. She describes her work as a Designer and Visual Artist as a liberating experience of harmonizing the empathy and functionality of design with the individuality of artistry.

Today, Yazmin works as an international Art Director and Visual Artist for different projects, organizations, brands, record labels, and magazines.
At the same time leads PAPIROFILIA #amamoselpapel (art printing bureau) and ESTEREOSCÓPICA #culturetainment (audiovisual studio focused on culture, events & art).
Yazmin is a firm believer of female empowerment through art, design and creativity. 
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